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Happy Virus Appreciation Day!

3 Oct

Today is that day where we get to appreciate those nasty viruses that knock us on our asses every winter.  Ironically, the Nobel Prize in Medicine was announced today to be awarded to Ralph Steinman, Bruce Beutler, and Jules Hoffmann for “unlocking the secrets of the immune system”.

On a totally different note, I’ve recently discovered the show, The Walking Dead.  It’s about a group of survivors during the zombie apocalypse.  From my limited knowledge of zombie fandom, I’m pretty sure that the zombie virus is passed through saliva, much like mononucleosis, except that you turn zombie by being bit and get mono by kissing.  Interesting, one makes you like a zombie (mono), the other makes you actual zombie.  The new season of The Walking Dead starts October 16th, and if you need to play catch-up like I did, check out your on-demand selection.  Here is the trailer for season 2:

It’s pretty intense, and I can’t wait!