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Happy World Smile Day and Ada Lovelace Day!

7 Oct

A long long time ago when there was still some happiness in the world, World Smile Day was created.

Smiles All Around!

In 1963, Mr. Harvey Ball created the trademark yellow smiley face that you may recognize from such products as the Have A Day poster that adorned the back of my bedroom door as an angsty teenager.  Ball later went on to found the World Smile Corporation which in turn created World Smile Day to promote the yellow smiley.  And even though it seems a little screwed up that a day focused on smiling is really just a fancy advertisement, today is actually a good day.  Not only is the purpose of today to make people smile 🙂 but World Smile Day raises money for the Harvey Ball World Smile Foundation which is a non-profit organization that supports children’s causes.

So go out and make someone smile!

Also, today is Ada Lovelace Day!

Ada Lovelace was the first female programmer, which as a computational chemist, I think it pretty awesome.  Today is the day to appreciate all women in STEM (which includes neuronano and me!).  Head on over to the Flickr Blog for some more info on this cool holiday.