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Happy National Peanut Butter Day!

24 Jan

Heeeey there, remember me?  Well, that’s been a long hiatus, now hasn’t it?  Many, many, holidays have come and gone since October, so maybe the next time they come around I’ll make up for it and just back date it muahaha.  So, sorry about that, but science got in the way.

So, hopefully you’ll welcome me (us) back with open arms covered in peanut butter!  Wait ew, but yay Happy National Peanut Butter Day!   A gal pal from grad school used to go bonkers for pb, and this blog post is for her :o)

Here’s how I’m celebrating.


See, if you pair pb with an apple, you trick yourself into forgetting how much fat (but hey it’s GOOD fat) is in the pb.  At the very least, the good and the bad neutralize each other.  It’s science, really. JEEZ.

I’m one of those strange people who doesn’t like pb&j.  It’s just too sweet for me.  I’ll eat a pb sangwich, or maybe a jelly sangwich, but not the two together.  Just too much sugarsugarsugarsugar.  Even if I had pb and sugar free jam or something, it’d be too sweet.  I’ll pass.

Anyway, here’s some cool stuff about peanut butter (source:  National Peanut Board):

The good fat in pb is the unsaturated fat.  This helps you lower your LDL cholesterol or “bad” as people like to call it.  The saturated fat content isn’t really that high, and is definitely outweighed but the unsaturated fat.  Your best bet is to go with natural pb, although it’s more expensive but better for you.

Peanut butter has NO cholesterol! Woo!

It takes 540 peanuts to make a 12 oz. jar!

If you’re looking for a reason to visit Grand Saline, TX, well look no further.  This city boasts the title of “world’s largest peanut butter and jelly sandwich weighing in at a whopping 1,342 pounds.   Yeehaw!

Ya know how they got Mr. Ed to “talk?”  That’s right, peanut butter.


For your health and your happiness, be it crunchy, smooth, or X-TREME CRUNCHAY, celebrate National Peanut Butter Day early and often!


Happy Free Cold Stone Creamery Ice Cream Day!

27 Sep

You know me, I love freebies!  Today, from 5-8pm you can get a free “Sprinkled with Wishes™ Creation™”- Sweet Cream Ice Cream, Brownie, Rainbow Sprinkles and Fudge ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery.   Now, there’s a reason for the free ice cream.   You can also donate $1 for a Make-a-Wish Star with your name on it.

The Make-a-Wish Foundation has been around since 1980 and has granted over 200,000 wishes.  C’mon you like kids, right?  How about sick kids?  Fun fact:  the average wish only costs about $7,000.  That’s VERY reasonable, and I bet from today’s donations alone many wishes can be paid for.

My favorite granted wish went to Erik Martin, who wanted to be a super hero for a day.  It was so freakin cute, and the guys from Deadliest Catch even played bad guys.

Meet Electron Boy!

So, do a good deed today and donate a dollar, (or more!) to the Make-a-Wish Foundation and get some yummy ice cream as a bonus.  I’ve gone before, and while the line seemed daunting at first, it moved pretty quickly, so don’t be discouraged!

Celebrate Free Ice Cream Day and donate to the Make-a-Wish Foundation early and often!

Happy National Postdoc Appreciation Week

24 Sep

Even though today is the last day of Postdoc Appreciate Week, it’s not too late to appreciate a Post Doc, especially runswithatoms and me!  I have heard horror stories about mistreated, underpaid, and overworked Post Docs.  You see, we Post Docs are in academic limbo.  We’re not students, we’re not faculty, we’re just there.  Oh, we’re doctors all right, but we’re not quite “practicing” on our own, yet.  It’s like residency for medical students, but with rats instead of sick people.

Not me, but the message remains. source: ThinkGeek

I have to say that I’ve been pretty lucky as a Post Doc, so far.  I have a great adviser (he pointed out during a seminar that an author’s name was Ariola), our lab is well-funded, and I like my labmates.  We actually hang out and it’s FUN not forced like in some labs.  Of course, some of my friends have not been as lucky with experiences that include sexual harassment, no funds, and slave-driver advisers.

Maybe you take the Post Docs in your lab for granted, but just know that we work hard just like everybody else, and dammit, we earned being called Doctor (c’mon just call me Dr. Ragan once?).  Yeah yeah I know, no Post Doc makes you call them doctor, and really if they do, they’re jerkwads.  Also remember that we don’t make that much money, but it’s a heckuvalot more than what grad students get haha.

So since runswithatoms and I are Post Docs, I strongly encourage that you celebrate Post Doc Appreciation Week every week!

Happy Cheeseburger Day!

18 Sep

A burger ain’t a burger without ooey gooey melted cheese on it!  Today, in a way to celebrate the ending of summer, I had leftover turkey cheeseburger made on the Foreman grill and they were dee-lish.  I added some leftover spicy feta dip from the Mediterranean Plate I ordered from Beggar’s Banquet right into the turkey meat to give it an extra kick.  Pretty dang good.  If you ever DO go to Beggar’s Banquet, don’t try to play shuffleboard there.  The table and shuffleboard disks are pretty terrible.  DO get the Mediterranean Plate, especially if you’re going to share it with others.

This is all wrong. 8-6 the onion, and safely secure the tomato away from the dangers of sogging up a bun, and then we'll talk.

Muuuuch better. Little diced onions are tolerable and there isn't a mound of tasteless iceberg lettuce. Seeds look too perfect though.


















Feast your eyes on the world’s largest cheeseburger.  Made in Thailand, surprisingly.  It came to almost 80 lbs. Gross!

They looks like they just ate an 80 lb. cheeseburger

If you use heart-friendly ingredients like black beans or turkey with low-fat cheese, I’d say go ahead and celebrate Cheeseburger Day early and often!  Especially, if you are tailgating!

Happy Guacamole Day!

16 Sep

mmm mmm boy do I love me some guacamole!  I never had it until right before grad school went I went on a trip to Yosemite with my BFF Lisa.  Man, that was a fun trip, eh Lisa?

Bellies probably full of guac

Anywho, after that I used to make it with my roommate all dee time and I looove it.  The only tricky part is figuring out if the avocado is ripe enough.  Go here to learn about the forehead-cheek-nose test.

I am also proud to say that my bf didn’t really eat guacamole before he met me, and he only really likes “my guacamole” (no that’s not innuend0, I just make a good guac).

Here’s how I make guac:

2 avacados pitted and smashed

2 roma tomatoes chopped

a bunch of dashes of Old Bay or Chili Powder

1 garlic clove

a healthy sprinkling of taco shredded cheese

several squirts of lime juice

Combine and enjoy.  Sorry I don’t have accurate measures, but that’s how I roll.  I’m not baking here, people.

Lucky for us, we can celebrate Guacamole Day with some coupons!  Wholly Guacamole, which makes really good pre-made guac, has 3 coupons for us, but act fast!  Go their Facebook page for a $2 coup (go to the left and look for the coupons link; or you can go here for a $1.50 coup;  and finally, if you are new to register, you can get a $1.50 coup here.

Whether you make it from scratch or pick up some Wholly Guacamole, get those “good fats” by celebrating Guacamole Day early and often!

Happy Linguine Day!

15 Sep

Hey Holiday Celebrators!  Like runswithatoms, I apologize for us not being so celebratory lately.  I was actually away for a few days and didn’t have easy computer access.  So, I am terribly sorry for the holiday I took from holidays.  Also, I’m going to try to write up the posts the night before the holiday so I can actually post them earlier on the actual day so you can have time to freakin celebrate!  That being said, let’s get back into the swing of things and observe Linguine Day!

The 50% Italian in me has a weakness for anything with alfredo, but I learned a pretty tasty, healthy substitute that I tried and enjoyed!  The Oprah Show had featured a “heart healthy” alfredo sauce using Cannellini and let me tell you, it rocked!  I admit, I didn’t use soy milk, dried tomatoes (bleh), or sheep cheese b/c I just didn’t have those on hand/ don’t like some of those ingredients.  Make sure you puree the beans really well otherwise they might be a little gritty.

Another yummy-sounding yet not yet neuronano-approved recipe for healthy alfredo is here.  Here’s a tip:  if your sauce ever seems runny, just add flour or cornstarch to it.  If it’s too thick, add milk.

linguine with seafood! from wiki.

If you don’t feel like cooking and actually eat at the Olive Garden *upturns nose* then get the Linguine alla Marinara which is actually not terrible for you and I can’t see how they could muck it up, but who knows?!  You can usually find coupons for Olive Garden in the Sunday paper so I guess I approve of that.

So who’s afraid of carbs?  Not me!  Celebrate Linguine Day early and often!

Neither Rain nor Snow Day

7 Sep

Ok, ok don’t laugh.  A lot of you right now are dealing with seemingly never-ending rain and flooding.  This holiday doesn’t actually predict a warm, sunshiney day every 7th day of September.  No no, today we celebrate the U.S. Postal Service!

Neither snow nor rain not heat nor gloom of night, stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.

And now more than ever, we should be thankful for the USPS as they may default.  Really, what we should be doing is sending more snail mail letters, “just because.” Rather than taking 15 seconds to send a happy birthday message on Facebook, why not send that person an actual birthday card?  C’mon who doesn’t like finding something other than the “Have you seen me?” and ValPak in their mailbox?  I know I love getting snail mail!  Hint hint.  Good thing there’s A Holiday a Day eh eh?

Besides, ya know what’ll happen if you don’t use snail mail more often…

So if you don’t want the US Postal Service to go down the tubes, celebrate Neither Rain Nor Snow Day early and often!