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Happy World Kidney Day!

14 Mar

Today I’m wearing orange for World Kidney Day.
To be honest, before researching for this post, my knowledge of kidney health was limited to a book I read as a kid called Saving Jessica in which Jessica needed a kidney and her boyfriend, Jeremy, gave her one. No need to read that book now!

But last summer, a friend of mine repelled down a friggin’ building to raise money for the National Kidney Foundation, so I figured it must be a pretty important cause. Most people know that we need our kidneys to remove waste and excess fluid from the body when we pee. But the kidneys also function to balance the salt, potassium, and acid content of our bodies, keep our blood pressure controlled, and produce red blood cells to keep our bones strong. Unfortunately, around 8-10% of the adult population have some form of kidney damage. There are a number of ways you can work to keep your kidneys healthy. First and foremost, maintain a healthy lifestyle by keeping a healthy diet, staying active, hydrating, and NOT SMOKING. Monitoring your blood sugar and blood pressure levels is also a good idea as is limiting your use of over-the-counter drugs. But some people experience some form of kidney failure anyway, so what can you do?

First, like me, wear orange today to show your support of World Kidney Day! Become an organ donor and donate money OR time to the National Kidney Foundation or attend a World Kidney Day event in your area. Finally, spread the word about kidney disease, and if you or someone you know seems at risk for kidney failure, get regular screenings from your doctor. Early detection can help prevent kidney disease from progressing to kidney failure!

And now, a word from World Kidney Day!


Happy International Women’s Day!

8 Mar

Since Neuronano and I have a lunch date tomorrow, which doesn’t happen too often since we live over 600 miles apart, I thought I’d celebrate by updating the blog that we haven’t posted on for over a year. What better day to get back on the horse than International Women’s Day! I know by the time this gets posted, you may be thinking, “It’s so late in the day to just be finding out now!” but the good news is, it’s also Women’s History Month!

I couldn’t even begin to tell you about ALL of the important women who have changed history, like Marie Curie who was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize in science and the first person to win two Nobel Prizes (one in physics and one in chemistry) or Sandra Day O’Conner who was the first woman appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court. Instead, I offer a challenge this month to learn more about the great contributions made by women. Watch movies and TV shows created by women (I highly recommend The Mindy Project as Mindy Kahling is hilarious!). Read books (or other books) or comic books by women. Consume art and music by women. Appreciate women for all they have to offer.

And if you’re looking for recommendations to get you started, head on over to Captain Awkward and dig through the comments. Don’t be intimidated by the title, there are some really great suggestions down there, I promise!

Happy International Women’s Day/Women’s History Month!