Happy Cheeseburger Day!

18 Sep

A burger ain’t a burger without ooey gooey melted cheese on it!  Today, in a way to celebrate the ending of summer, I had leftover turkey cheeseburger made on the Foreman grill and they were dee-lish.  I added some leftover spicy feta dip from the Mediterranean Plate I ordered from Beggar’s Banquet right into the turkey meat to give it an extra kick.  Pretty dang good.  If you ever DO go to Beggar’s Banquet, don’t try to play shuffleboard there.  The table and shuffleboard disks are pretty terrible.  DO get the Mediterranean Plate, especially if you’re going to share it with others.

This is all wrong. 8-6 the onion, and safely secure the tomato away from the dangers of sogging up a bun, and then we'll talk.

Muuuuch better. Little diced onions are tolerable and there isn't a mound of tasteless iceberg lettuce. Seeds look too perfect though.


















Feast your eyes on the world’s largest cheeseburger.  Made in Thailand, surprisingly.  It came to almost 80 lbs. Gross!

They looks like they just ate an 80 lb. cheeseburger

If you use heart-friendly ingredients like black beans or turkey with low-fat cheese, I’d say go ahead and celebrate Cheeseburger Day early and often!  Especially, if you are tailgating!


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