Happy Cream Filled Donut Day!

14 Sep

Hey bloggy peeps, I’m sorry that neuronano and I have been falling off the blog bandwagon for a bit, but you know, things come up that take us away.  But today, more than ever am I kicking myself on this most glorious of holidays for not finding out until now about this extremely special day.

Today is National Cream Filled Donut Day!

More years than I’d like to admit ago, I was attending college in Massachusetts.  For those of you that don’t know, people from Massachusetts (a.k.a Massholes) take their Dunkin’ Donuts VERY seriously.  How seriously, you may ask.  Here’s a story:

One night in college, I was studying late, past midnight.  A friend of mine was also up studying for the same class, and we casually im’ed each other every so often.  Finally, he told me he was headed to Dunks (yes, Massholes love their Dunkin’ Donuts so much, it’s open 24 hours a day), and he asked me I wanted anything.  I asked for my favorite, a vanilla kreme donut (perfect for celebrating today).  Two hours later, he showed up (Yes, Massholes love their Dunkin’ Donuts so much, you can go at midnight, run into friends, and hang out for two hours).  He handed me a bag containing a very stale strawberry frosted donut (OK, Massholes don’t love their Dunkin’ Donuts enough for it to be making fresh donuts at 2 am).  But that my friends, is how seriously people from Massachusetts LOVE their Dunkin’ Donuts.

I loved Dunkin’ Donuts before I started attending college in Massachusetts, but it’s certainly hard to resist when they are located on every street corner.  When I was younger, I was a pretty big fan of the double chocolate donut, preferably with sprinkles, but as I’ve grown older, I’ve developed a strong taste for the vanilla kreme donut.  In fact, I had hoped to find an image of one for this post, but instead came across the nutritional information of said donut, and I’ll admit, it wasn’t so great, but hell it’s a donut.  Overall, the vanilla kreme donut received a D+ on the nutritional scale.  You know what I think of that D+?  That’s still passing!

It’s after 10 o’clock at night, and Dunkin’ Donuts aren’t quite so loved down here in the mid-atlantic, so I can’t exactly rush off to one to celebrate National Cream Filled Donut Day.  But this day is so glorious and special that I think it should be celebrated EVERY day!  As God as my witness, I will get a vanilla kreme donut before the week is out!


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