Happy National Coupon Month!

1 Sep

OMG OMG OMG.  It’s National Coupon Month!  This is MY month, errybody.  Every month is Coupon Month for me, really, but I’m hoping that the official Coupon Month means awesome deals.

Crazy coupon lady!

Many of you wonder how I get such awesome bargains.  Well, I can’t really take all the credit, so here are my secrets:

Where to print coupons:





Where to find grocery store deals with coupon matchups:




Other deals and freebies:




See a pattern?  I guess mommies like to save money.

Of course there’s also “liking” things on facebook, and going to individual companys’ websites.  These are all pretty much my go-to sites for bargains.  The “coupon mommy” blogs as I call them also show you coupon previews, so you know if it’s worth buying a newspaper (or 2) for the coups.  As far as printable coupons go, if you’re worried about spam, just created an email account devoted to these sites.  You can always unsubscribe from emails if you don’t want them.

Now you know how I do it!  I set aside maybe an hour or so on Sunday to go through the matchups and cut coupons.  The money I save is really worth the time!  If you want a fatter wallet, you really should celebrate National Coupon Month early and often!


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