Happy World Sauntering Day!

28 Aug

What’s that?  You don’t know how to saunter?  I’ve bet you’ve sauntered and you don’t even know it!  Wiki says:

“[I]t is not a sashay, prance, trot, or lollygag. Simply it is to walk slowly preferably with a joyful disposition”

I did a lot of sauntering today on my visit with friends to Lake Michigan.  This girl who had been landlocked for 6 years is finally within 2 hours of a major body of water with a decent beach!


We sauntered near the water, we sauntered near a lighthouse, and we sauntered to and from dinner in the quaint beach town of Grand Haven.  It is now my goal to saunter in each Great Lake.  When not sauntering, we watched people kiteboard, and it looks really really fun!


So celebrate World Sauntering Day early and often, cuz why the heck not?


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