Happy Just Because Day!

27 Aug

We’ve seen it in rom coms.  Doting husband sends flowers to his lovely wife.  Wife exclaims, “But it’s not my birthday!  What’s the occasion?” Doting Husband says, “Just because.”

Whether you’re swooning or barfing over picturing that scene in your head, you should do something today “Just because.” I’m not saying you have to do something incredibly sweet, or even expensive, I’m saying you just do something because you want to.  Maybe it’s finally taking your dog to the dog park, or maybe it’s calling your grandmother just to say “Hi.”  Whatever it is, get off your booty and do something!

I know many of you are barricading yourselves bracing for Hurricane Irene, and I think that’s actually an even better excuse to do something.  Maybe there’s a Puzz 3D collecting dust in your closet dying to be constructed.  How about that recipe you always wanted to tinker with?  Just cuz you’re stuck inside doesn’t mean you can’t do something “Just because!”

I always wanted to do this one

I usually end up celebrating these holidays without being cognizant of the holiday.  Today, I sent my sister and her hubby a Restaurant.com gift certificate “Just because.”  I had it in my account just chillin there, and I figured they deserve an evening to themselves.  Sure, their anniversary was yesterday, but today I just thought I should give it to them for no particular reason.

Be kind, be spontaneous, be feisty…Just because!

Why don’t you celebrate “Just Because” Day early and often?  Maybe don’t get your s.o. flowers every day “Just because” because they will then lose their meaning and probably just clutter the house.  You know why runswithatoms and I started this blog?  Just because ;o)


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