Happy Kiss and Make Up Day!

25 Aug

Boyfriend call you fat?  Girlfriend call you fat?  Mother call you fat?  Aw, just kiss and make up already cuz it’s Kiss and Make Up Day!

I don’t think I’m fighting with anyone right now (wait, am I?) but I guess I still celebrated the day.  I had my second day of scuba lessons, and I was kinda nervous about actually using the regulator underwater without chickening out and coming back up to the surface.  I’m really comfortable now, and the instructor even taught me what I like to call, “Oh crap!” techniques.    So now if a shark bumps into me and knocks off my gear, I’ll know how to properly put my regulator back in my mouth, put my mask on, and clear my mask.  The shark might eat me, but at least I’ll be able to see and breathe in his belly.  Because of these drills, I definitely made out with my regulator a lot today, and I think we’re back on good terms.  I know this is incredibly lame, but I’m trying to be creative here.

In a real lover’s quarrel but don’t know how to take the first step?  ehow has some tips to guide you through the crucial kiss and make up stages.  I recommend kissin and makin’ up to this:

So if you’re in a tiff with a friend, s.o., family member, or co-worker, be the bigger (wo)man and offer an olive branch today.  By the way, I tried to find some good kiss and make up scenes, but google came up with a scene from BASEketball first.  Um, nice going google.  Anyway, you really should celebrate Kiss and Make Up Day early and often; your relationships will thank you for it.  And please, never call your significant other fat, it can never lead to anything good.


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