Happy Knife Day!

24 Aug

Ok, so I don’t want anyone to run out and “knife” somebody today, but maybe you could give your kitchen knives a little TLC today.  While visiting friends in Cleveland, I learned from Alton Brown that what we casually call a “knife sharpener” really doesn’t “cut it” (my words, not his) and what you need to do is actually get it professionally sharpened.  You’re actually honing the knife instead.

People almost always put a nice knife set on their wedding registries, but I’ll never get them one, sorry brides…  UNLESS they pay me a penny.  The penny is to prevent “cutting the friendship” and turns it into a transaction rather than a gift, ha.  Maybe I’ll actually try that.  Sorry, that’s the superstitious Italian in me.

Those same friends from Cleveland had this awesome knife set from ThinkGeek

So uh, be careful when you celebrate this holiday, ok?  If you’re safe, go ahead and celebrate National Knife Day early and often.  Please don’t blame me if you get stabbed today.


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