Happy National Spumoni Day!

21 Aug

Today I was introduced to the magnificence that is Spumoni. Like Neapolitan, Spumoni is 3 flavors of ice cream in one box, but instead of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry, Spumoni is made of chocolate, pistachio, and cherry ice cream. Being a veteran Neapolitan fan myself, I felt Spumoni was worth a try.

Mmm...self-made Spumoni!

But unlike Neapolitan, Spumoni is not so easy to come by in the supermarket.  So I had to improvise a bit by combining Ben and Jerry’s Pistachio Pistachio and Cherry Garcia with Eddy’s Double Fudge Brownie (OK, I should have gone with straight chocolate, but who can resist Double Fudge Brownie).  Despite being a little melty (probably shouldn’t have started my food shopping in the ice cream aisle), it was delicious!

I’m not really sure of the origin of the development of Spumoni nor what makes it worthy of having a national day, but just like neuronano says, this is a day that should be celebrated “early and often”.  Enjoy Spumoni Day!


3 Responses to “Happy National Spumoni Day!”

  1. neuronano August 21, 2011 at 5:17 pm #

    omg is that an actual plastic bowl or an edible waffle bowl? Either way, where did you get it?

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