Happy Lemonade Day!

20 Aug

Nothin says “summatime!” like lemonade.  Now, I could just whip up a glass of Country Time Lemonade mix that I got for free from Kroger, but that’d be boring.  Arnold Palmer‘s are good, but just don’t have enough pizazz for a day dedicated to lemonade.

Instead, I’m trying to find a recipe that uses lemonade mix in it while having to pick up little,  if anything, from the store.  The least time-consuming recipe I found is a cake mug, but it requires confectioner’s sugar and vanilla pudding.  Sounds like way too much sugar if you ask me!

So then I thought maybe I could substitute in the lemonade mix for lemon Jello mix and make this “Fluffy Lemon Dessert“, but I have a feeling that it wouldn’t be fluffy with just lemonade mix.

So THEN I thought I’d just make up some muffins using Bisquick like I love to do, but alas, I have no Bisquick.

IF I were going to a party, I’d make this (OMG she uses a graduated cylinder!)

I might have to celebrate this summery holiday a day late folks.  Any ideas for a good lemonade recipe?

Summer or not, celebrate National Lemonade Day early and often!


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