Happy National Potato Day!

19 Aug

You say po-tay-to I say po-tah-to.  Let’s call the whole thing off -Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers

Well, I know I’m a sucker for potatoes especially the fried variety.  But I’m an even bigger sucker for youtube videos.  Get ready to have your mind blown.  As if the Japanese weren’t cool enough, they’ve determined the most efficient way to peel a potato.  Feast your eyes:

Basically its:

1. Cut slit along circumference of potato (width)

2. Boil potato

3. Stick potato into cold water for 10 seconds

4. Grab both ends and peel potato

A few facts on these “nightshades” for you (source: Hidden Valley Ranch and wiki):

  • Americans eat about 120 pounds per person per year
  • Marie Antoinette wore potato blossoms in her hair
  • Thomas Jefferson brought them to the U.S. and popularized the French pommes frites
  • Potatoes can be toxic!  Potatoes contain the poisonous glycoalkaloids solanin andchaconine, but really don’t pose much of a threat as cooking helps prevent any harm.

One of these days, I’ll be brave enough to try poutine

gravy, cheese curds, french fries, heart attack

So now that you know how to painlessly peel a potato (although, personally, I eat the skin because it’s good for me), celebrate National Potato Day early and often!


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