Happy National Bad Poetry Day!

18 Aug

Today is National Bad Poetry Day.  It is also actor Edward Norton‘s 42nd birthday.  So today, for National Bad Poetry Day, I wrote Edward Norton a poem.

Edward Norton admiring Edward Norton

A Poem for Edward Norton

You had us fooled in Primal Fear,
And blown away in Fight Club.
American History X made me shed a tear,
Keeping the Faith began in a pub.

But acting is just one of your powers.
Running a marathon in New York City,
Finishing in under four hours,
And donating the proceeds to charity!

Though Keeping the Faith was underrated,
As was Death to Smoochy,
None of your movies have I hated.
Sometimes I watch them with my poochie.

So on today this day of your birth,
I hope you make it great.
Take it in for what it’s worth.
Lots of cake, I trust you ate.

Happy Birthday Edward!

Today is National Bad Poetry day! So try it out, write a poem, and if it’s bad, well, that’s sort of the point.

*photo from filmbuffonline.com


3 Responses to “Happy National Bad Poetry Day!”

  1. neuronano August 18, 2011 at 8:34 pm #

    Here’s a poem I made in 2nd grade that some students and I had to recite at an assembly on family:

    My Mother

    My mother is cooking
    and I am looking
    She helps me with math
    We like to laugh.

  2. Jp August 31, 2011 at 1:52 pm #

    Edward Norton is from Columbia MD did you guys know that?

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