Happy World Lizard Day!

14 Aug

Gecko not Geico!!

Here leezard, leezard, leezard- Taco Bell Dog

I always had a thing for lizards growing up.  They can be so dang cute, and even change color, I mean come ON how can you not like lizards?

Lizard factoids:

  • Did you know that if you grab a lizard by its tail, it might fall off?  This protects the lil reptile from predators, but don’t worry, it’ll grow back.
  • The talking Geico Gecko is not too far off; geckos have vocal cords and can communicate
  • Lizards are super climbers and some even have suction cups on their feet
  • Horned lizards can squirt blood from their eyes!  Ew, vampire lizards!

Check out my dissertation committee member, Tracy Langkilde, talking about “Stressed out Fence Lizards”  narrated and produced by my classmate, Katrina Voss.

So celebrate World Lizard Day in honor of these cold-blooded creatures early and often!


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