Friendship Day Continued…

7 Aug

So I almost added Friendship Day to my Clown Week post, but then I found this document stating that the UN declared July 30, 2011 to be the new International Day of Friendship so I didn’t.  I mean, really, who just decides to move International Friendship Day from the first Sunday in August to July 30th?  Then when neuronano posted, I thought, you know what, EVERY day should be Friendship Day.  Because we should tell our friends EVERY day how much we appreciate them.  So I hope neuronano doesn’t mind me duplicating her post by sending out appreciations to all the BFF’s I’ve had over the years.  For all the miles logged, the late nights studying, support, laughs, and advice when I’ve needed it, thank you!  And to my bloggy buddy, thanks for suggesting the idea.  I am having fun 🙂

Finally, I recently missed my anniversary with a very special BFF to me.  One of the furry persuasion.

Tootsie does not care for the clown nose

On July 27, 2006, I brought home Miss Tootsie from Centre County Paws.  The rest is history.



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